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Weekly Curriculum

This is a one day sample from my Shape Week - Weekly lessons.

My weekly lessons are new and are set up slightly different than my monthly curriculum. See below how my new weekly lesson plans are set up.






Day Three:





Circle Time:  Find the Shapes


You will need


  • Card stock paper
  • Scissors (teacher only)



Name of file needed for this activity is FlashCardsShape.pdf print onto card stock paper. Next file to be printed out for this activity is  FlashCardsShape2.pdf print onto card stock paper.



Print out both flash cards file. Print out two sets of each file. Teacher will cut apart one set of the flash cards. Do not cut one set of the flash cards. Have the children sit in a circle, teacher will hold up one card at a time and show it to one of the children and see if the child can tell you what shape is on the card, help the children as needed, continue until everyone has had a turn.


Then, teacher will hide all the shape cards around the room in plain sight. Have the children look for the cards, and tell you which shape card they found, as they find cards have them match the shape card they find to the shape board.



Art Project:  Rectangle Train


You will need


  • Card stock paper
  • Different colors of tempera washable paint
  • Small child sized paint brushes
  • Dark colored circle stickers



Name of file needed for this activity is Train.pdf print onto card stock paper. Next file to be printed out for this activity is  RectangleTrain2.pdf print onto card stock paper.



Print out the train picture and the rectangle train files. Teacher will paint the train and place onto the wall. Have the children each paint their rectangle train different colors, after they are done, put the train rectangles aside to dry and then tape the rectangles onto the wall to make a long rectangle train. Place the circle stickers on after; the bottom part of the stickers will stick to the wall. Write the children’s names on the train they painted.





 Learning Time: Make a Rectangle


You will need


  • Black construction paper
  • Yellow chalk
  • Straws
  • Scissors (Teacher Only)
  • Glue



Teacher will draw a rectangle on a piece of black paper with a piece of yellow chalk and hold it up and show the shape to the children. She will ask the children what shape she just drew; rectangle. Show the children how each 2 sides of the rectangle match and how one side of the rectangle is longer than the other side. 


Ask the children what color the chalk outline is; yellow, point out that it is the color yellow. 


Provide all the children with a piece of black construction paper and some straws. Cut some of the straws in half and give each child two halves and two whole straws. Show them how to move the straws around to make a rectangle.


Teacher can use a piece of chalk and make a rectangle outline on the black paper for any child that needs help, and they can match the straws to the outline.


Then have the children glue their straws to the paper to make a rectangle.


. *Optional* if you do not have any straws available, you can cut strips of yellow paper and have the children make the rectangles with the strips of paper.










Work Sheet/Print Out: Letter R


You will need


  • Copy paper
  • Card stock paper
  • Markers or crayons        
  • Glue




Name of file needed for this activity is LetterR.pdf print onto copy paper. Next file to be printed out for this activity is  RingoSmall.pdf print onto card stock paper.


Before you begin this activity, go below to song/finger rhyme time, begin there and then come back here to finish.


Print out the letter R and the small Ringo rectangles. Have the children color the letter R and the four rectangles. When they are done coloring have them cut out the rectangles and glue them to the letter R.


Tell the children how Ringo and rectangle both start with the letter R.







Extra Activity:  Rectangle Collage 


You will need


  • Red, yellow, white and blue construction paper or card stock paper
  • Glue or tape


     Give each of the children a piece of white construction paper for their base. Teacher will cut a lot of rectangles from paper, cut different lengths and sizes, make sure you have some long rectangles, for the children to loop them or make circles with. Show the children how they can fold the ends down, just a little bit and glue the folded ends to the paper to make a loop, or they can fold the long strips and then fold down the ends and glue or tape to the paper, they can make circles out of the rectangles and glue or tape these to the paper, they can fold the strips like an accordion and tape these to there paper.


    Teacher should make the collage with the children and show them how to fold the paper to make is like an accordion, and show them how to make circles and loops from the rectangles. Teacher should go around to any child who needs extra help and show them how to make the loops or how to fold the paper to glue it down.















Song: Ringo


Print out Ringo the rectangle and display while singing the song.


Name of file needed for this activity is RingoRectangle.pdf print onto card stock paper. Next file to be printed out for this activity is  RingoSmall.pdf print onto card stock paper.


Print out the small Ringo the rectangle there are eight Ringo’s in this file. You will need five Ringo’s per child. Have the children color the rectangles and then tape one to a craft stick and have them use the rest of the rectangles with the song and story below. After you finish with the song and story below, go back to the work sheet/print out above and use the rectangles from this activity with the letter R activity.


Point to the letters R-I-N-G-O that are printed under Ringo the rectangle, tell the children this is Ringo the rectangle and this is how you spell his name. Point to the letters as you sing the song. Have the children take turns after the song pointing to the letters and telling you what letter they are pointing at, help them as needed.


Adapted from bingo


I have a rectangle and Ringo is his name oh

R-I-N-G-O, R-I-N-G-O, R-I-N-G-O

And Ringo was his name-oh



Ringo the rectangle looked at the ground (look down)

Ringo the rectangle looked all around (slowly look around)

And this is what Ringo found.

1, 2, 3, 4 rectangles on the ground!


Give each child four rectangles; have them place them on the ground, for Ringo the rectangle to find.


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Information On Down Loading

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