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      Information On Down Loading

      Some of the sample files below were made using the programs Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, Word Perfect and adobe acrobat reader files. To be able to view the forms, edit the forms or print the forms out, you will need one of the programs listed above. If you do not have any of the programs listed above, you can down load the free adobe reader file and use the pdf files below.

      You can down load the Free adobe acrobat reader from www.adobe.com
      If you need help down loading the files please visit my help page you will find information there on saving these files to your hard drive.

      If you find the pages below are not opening or you are getting error messages then you are probably not on the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. These files are made to be opened with the newest version of adobe acrobat reader 5.0 or 5.1

      You can save the PDF files to your computer without opening them. To save them to your computer,

      1st Step, go to the link that you want to down load, and then, use the opposite mouse button that you normally use, "Right Mouse Click" do not use the left mouse button.

      2nd Step, Do a "save as or save target"save to your "desk top" so you can easily find the file after it down loads.

      3rd step, after you down load it to your computer, just double click the file to open it.

      If you experience difficulty trying to open or down load files, just e-mail me at support@adaycare.com for help. Explain to me in the e-mail which file you are trying to down load and if you are getting any error messages and I will try to help you open the file or I can e-mail the file to you.

      *Please Note*

      When printing out the PDF files - click on - File -> Print and then look to the right hand side, you should see a view of the picture that is about to print. Just above that picture are some printing options. Look for where it says Copies and Adjustments. Click on the two that say Expand Small Pages To Paper Size and Auto Rotate And Center Pages. This will make it print out almost the size of your paper other wise it will print out a lot smaller.

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